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v festival

Festival fashion is unique and ever changing. This last weekend V festival in Hyland Park and Weston Park GB was no exception. V festival features artists like Calvin Harris, Sam Smith, Hozier, Ellie Goulding and I wish I was there!

v festival 2

One of my favorite looks is Ashley Roberts from the pussycat dolls, she made the typical boho festival look fresh in all black. Copy this outfit with

black romper

Super cute and almost identical romper from missguided $50 missguided romper

black fedora

Paired with a look alike wide brimmed fedora for an inexpensive $19.90 at forever21 fedora

titan booties

These boots are similar from Ash and can easily be purchased at zappos $450 stud booties

the row sunies

To finish the look off my new obsession The Row class black sunnies $99 at gilt row sunnies

Now you can look as edgy cool as Ashley whether your heading to a festival or out for drinks.




*WARNING IF YOU HAVE GREAT SKIN LOOK AWAY NOW* For everyone else this is a semi-gross subject but about 50% of people have Keratosis Pilaris aka chicken skin. I suppose this can occur anywhere on the body but I have these unfortunate bumps on my arms. There is no cure for KP but you can dramatically improve it. Out of everything I’ve tried Gold Bond’s rough bumpy skin lotion is simply the best. It takes a day or two to really start working, great results after a week, and at about $9 a pop its a cheap buy!

Gold Bond

Black and White

stripesOutfit of the day over sized striped dress from forever21 and aldo gold loafers. This stupid cheap outfit is also very comfy!



Aldo Shoes


sneakers 1During my trip to London the number one thing I saw all cool girls wearing were SNEAKERS! Not like gross sneakers you wear to the gym look but COOL sneakers, or as the British say “trainers”. Sneakers make sense in the city you’re on the go (or you should be, so much to see and do), adverse terrain (cobblestones, bricks and pot holes OH MY!) and they’re comfy or they damn well should be! Here are some of my picks for some REALLY cool trainers.

aloha trainers

I love these Nike Air Max Aloha trainers because of the pretty colors and the original print. For a mere 96.99 pound or $150 these sneakers could be on your feet! At

sneaker 2

These sneakers from Comme Des Garcons are a fun twist on a classic white trainer and could easily be the finishing touch to a simple jeans and t-shirt look. You can find these at for $100.

Libertys sneakers

These colorful kicks are made by Superga featuring a original Liberty’s print. I could easily see these with frayed jean shorts at a festival or as a stand out piece in an all white outfit. Click on to pick these up for 55 pound or about $85

sneakers 3

Are you ready to switch your heels for sneakers? Do you think some new trainers will be a fall wardrobe staple? Let me know comment below

Splatter Paint Jeans DIY


Many moons ago I drooled over a pair of splatter painted jeans in an Abrecrombie and Fitch store. I know, I know that really dates me but everyone had an A&F moment in high school right? So when I found myself with a pair of jeans I was ready to recycle to goodwill I thought, dare I DIY? I bought some fairly cheap craft store paint and got to flinging.

jeans white top

I started with the white on the front. I then went on to layer the light blue and dark blue.

jeans blue back

Here are a few tips if I were starting all over again:

1) Water the paint down. The craftsmart paint was already pretty thin but a little extra water made it more “drippy”. The third paint I bought was Martha Stewart and true to Martha form the paint was really good quality, AKA really thick. Watering this paint down was so necessary

paint 3

2) Practice a little on a scrap piece of fabric. As I went I developed a couple different techniques. Dip your closed hand in the paint and open it like your going to wave or like the letter E in sign language to open hand. This makes a great loopy line, while keeping your hand closed fingertips pointing down dripping in paint creates a more perfect circle raindrop look.

jeans white leg

3) Less can be more. I like how mine turned out but honestly I probably could of just used the white paint and been happy.

4) Finally do the back first, you’ll have a technique and a rhythm down by the time you do the front.

Hope you have a little fun with this DIY no two pairs will look alike!

National Lipstick Day

lipstickOver the past year I have definitely embraced the lipstick! Lipstick looks so elegant being applied and has an unlimited amount of color possibilities! In honor of national lipstick day I’ve posted one of my favorites Sephora’s Truth or Dare. What’s your favorite lipstick brand or color?


I have one beautiful Calvin Klein blouse I always seem to get foundation on, no matter how hard I try! After taking the blouse to a dry cleaners after almost every use I thought there has got to be a better way. I searched around the web for the best way to remove makeup stains and found this little gem, fun fact shaving cream removes stains!

IMG_0611 IMG_0612

As you can tell the stain wasn’t huge but clearly visible which is a problem on a white blouse!


While slightly skeptical I figured shave gel or cream maybe worth a shot. I applied the cream directly to the stain and rubbed it in really well, especially along the seam. I rinsed the excess shave cream off with cold water and let the top air dry.

clean top

And Ta-da! I’m pleased with the results especially with such a fragile blouse each wash ruins it a little I would much rather spot and rinse. Also this top is a polyester blend, so I can’t speak for every fabric but I imagine it would also work really well on cotton. Hope these saves a couple of trips to the dry cleaners 🙂


Recently I’ve noticed a trend sneaking up, backpacks on cool and fashionable girls. Those people on the bus or the train that have a perfectly professional outfit and are lugging around some 10th graders jansport backpack, and you’re thinking WTF? Those are not the people I am talking about!


I’m talking about when one of my favorite fashion vloggers Victoria from mentioned her Tory Burch backpack as one of her new favorite things, I thought really? But the more digging I did, the more I found stylish retailers creating a backpack or two for their spring and summer collections. With festivals, vacations and outdoor adventures to be had having a backpack for storage and being hands free is a major plus.

backpacktory burch

Marc Jacobs for example is has down one of the coolest designers around and marc by marc jacobs continually makes a couple of backpack options each season. While these backpacks are definitely not large enough for school, they pack plenty of room for a bottle of water (maybe a bottle of wine), magazines, an ipad and snacks.


I personally decided to take the plunge and get a back pack for my trip to London and I haven’t looked back. I went with a simple tan backpack from sole society. Once again this bag isn’t huge but it fit my laptop (lenovo yoga), a couple of magazine, one SERIOUS Nikon camera, snacks and a couple other bits no problem.

sole society I know its hard to believe the category “backpack” is even showing up on high end retail websites but if you can’t beat em join them! Personally, I would never use my backpack for everyday use but take advantage of this utility item in a stylish way whenever you need a little more S P A C E.

Does a backpack come back make you cringe? Do you pull a Channing Tatum and one strap it? I’d love to hear from you!

London at a Glance

Recently I made the audacious choice to travel alone to London England. Having a truly solo and singular experience I noticed some cultural differences. Here are my notes funny, true and written by a culturally biased American. DSCN2253 – Everyone carries cash! Paying with plastic of any kind isn’t frowned upon but clearly seems uncommon. DSCN2298 -Walk with confidence. Busy cities can have crazy walking patterns/traffic flow just know where you’re going and walk or the children may run you over (see next bullet)DSCN2320 -The only thing more terrifying than the pigeons are the children! Yes, they are better dressed than you will ever be but they seriously have ZERO fear on scooters, in traffic or peering out of their strollers ahem “prams”. IMG_0322 -You may think you’ve seen it all but London street performers are nuts. From a man walking around singing a mix of “sex monster” and Beyonce’s greatest hits to a man holding a garden variety snake these street performers aren’t afraid to think outside the box
IMG_0452 -Finally there is no winning with “Football” teams (aka soccer to us Americans) everyone has a different favoriteIMG_0366 But all jokes aside my first trip out of the United States has been one of the best experiences of my life so far, and I thoroughly enjoyed London. Thank you to the strangers who let me crash their date and took me on a pub crawl, thank you Brazilian tour guide for fearing my pale skin would burn like a witch on trial in the English sun, thank you William and Kate for not actually letting me anywhere near George because lord knows I would of attempted to kidnap him, and thank you countless strangers for mistaking me as a local and asking me for directions.

Planning a trip abroad? Curious about solo travel? Fancy a cup of tea? Let me know comment below

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